Asian Geography

Image © Fan Ming

There is a vague sense of solidarity within the landscape around us; carpets of green, rich brown earth, gruff stone walls that tower. Yet, nothing lasts. We, as a species, stand testament to that. A century may pass in the slow blink of mother nature’s eye, but nothing can halt the topographical chaos of the world we live in. Landscapes have always fascinated me, even those meagre scraps of my childhood; for it’s true that I was never one for travel. There is one who does come to mind… a friend… a certain admirer of Asian Geography. In fact, I cannot help but admire her boldness; to see the world through the clarity of one’s own eyes. I shall denote them as Geography, for who else could hold such richness of character, such steadfast verve?

Geography, the intrepid traveller, her retina aglow with wonders of this great world; the blooming of the sun as orange warmth soaks into the sky above the great Angkor Wat; the twinkling streets of Vietnam, bustling with life. The ocean beckons her, foamy torrents tugging at her toes; always tugging, enticing, welcoming.

It’s a heart-warming moment to see such enthusiasm. No Achilles heel (or indeed, an ankle) will drag her down, no matter the severity. You simply wouldn’t know it to look at her, always moving, always smiling. That’s just the person she is, a true embodiment of life. There is no act, only action; no matter the degree of utter ridiculousness, there is no hesitation.

Perhaps there is something we could all learn from Geography.

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